FORWARD LAWRENCE is a countywide partnership consisting of multiple Lawrence County area stakeholders. The initial steering committee was formed and met in January 2021. It consists of 18 individuals from all corners of Lawrence County. Several community and economic development organizations representing different areas of Lawrence County are partnering with the steering committee.


  • Hon. George Celli
  • Al Boland, Vice Chair
  • Hon. Chris Frye
  • David Allen
  • Kim Koller-Jones
  • Hon. Pat Amabile
  • Floyd McElwain
  • Hon. Pat Angiolelli
  • Len Rich
  • Hon. Frank Augustine
  • Hon. Sherie Babb
  • Dr. Kathy Richardson
  • James Blundo
  • Hon. Loretta Spielvogel
  • Hon. Morgan Boyd
  • Hon. Dan Vogler
  • Hon. Leslie Bucci
  • John Wittmann
  • Eric Karmecy, Chair

The FORWARD LAWRENCE project is funded through local public and private contributors, plus grants from The United States Department of Agricultural Rural Development and The Appalachian Regional Commission.

Check back soon for detailed grant information.

Check back soon for a list of funding partners.